If you’re looking to create a feeling of extended space in your bedroom, Churchill’s collection of mirror doors can provide the perfect solution.

Our Classic Collection includes the choice of bronze, grey and silver mirrors. In their full length and expanse, they can completely transform the apparent size of the smallest of bedrooms.

Mixing and matching our mirror doors with a wood door is also a popular option. Many customers opt for this route to get “the best of both worlds”, a traditional effect with the appearance of an extended living area.

Modern Contemporary Sliding Doors Wardrobe


With sleek lines and subtle colours, Churchill’s sliding wardrobes can help you create a bedroom look in the most contemporary of sliding wardrobe styles.

Select a clean painted finish or coloured glass designs (or a combination of both) to convey a look that is synonymous with contemporary 21st century design values.

Our Contemporary Collection design is also often adopted as the perfect way to divide or screen off part of a large room, whilst retaining the feel of space and luxury.


Churchill’s sliding wardrobes collection of superb wood finish doors cretaes a truly traditional setting for your bedroom. Choose from a selection of eight stunningly attractive wood finishes, comprising mahogany, oak, beech, walnut, cherry, Swiss Pear, Japanese Ash and Chocolate Tyrolean.

Remember, also, that you can mix and match your wood finish doors with mirror or coloured glass inserts or even a full mirror or coloured glass door.

The choices are vast, but you can be assured there’ll be one to exactly suit your taste and imagination.

traditional wardrobe-wooden-sliding door
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