Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can. It is rare that we find a bedroom that is a perfect square or oblong shape, we often come across alcoves, sloping ceilings, nooks and crannies of all shapes and sizes. To solve this problem, we can place infill panels to any shape and match it to the finish of your sliding wardrobe.

Basically, the Ultraglide system is manufactured from high class brushed aluminium and the Supaglide system is made out of steel. Both are equally effective for making the sliding system effortless and fingertip sensitive, but the Ultraglide material is generally considered in the industry to be the better spec.

However, the Supaglide system does have the advantage of being able to be coated n many different finishes to exactly match your sliding wardrobe doors, if that’s what you prefer. At the same time, though, the brushed aluminium finish of the Ultraglide does make a striking and classy contrast.

No. When we fit your sliding wardrobes, our team of sliding wardrobe fitters will ensure that the sliding wardrobe system is fitted absolutely evenly, checking it with a spirit level, to ensure your sliding wardrobes doors open, run and stay in their place effectively every time.

We send two fitters along to fit your wardrobes, and it is generally expected that it will take them half a day to fit one set of sliding wardrobes. (It may be a bit quicker if you ply them with the odd cup of tea and a biscuit, they respond well to kindness!)

We can accept payment for your sliding wardrobes in cash, by cheque, or by credit/debit card.

That’s not a problem. Over the years, your tastes may change and even fashions may change, and we’d delighted to quote you for replacing them at any time.

At a time convenient to you, and that can be daytime, afternoon, evenings and weekends, we can arrange for a Churchill’s Sliding Wardrobes Home Designer to visit your home. As we offer a nationwide service, there is bound to be one within an hour’s drive of you. It would be appreciated that all parties interested in purchasing sliding wardrobes are present, as it does become expensive to send a Home Designer back for a second visit just to repeat the same information. Once there, the Home Designer will measure the bedroom dimensions where you want the sliding wardrobes to be fitted. He or she will also show you a demonstration unit to display to you just exactly how the sliding track system works. From there, you can view each and every one of our sliding wardrobe door finishes, in wood, coloured glass and coloured mirrors. In addition, the Home Designer will help you to plan up the interiors of the sliding wardrobe, so that you can make maximum usage of space and make choosing what to wear an easy and pleasurable choice.
After that, you will receive a scale drawing plan with all the different materials detailed, and a written quotation will be given to you. There is no pressure to buy, but we think you will find our advice and service second to none and our products the very best available.
All in all, the Home Design visit is likely to take between 1 ½ to 2 hours.

Within a week to 10 days of receiving your order, we will arrange for a Churchill’s Sliding Wardrobe Surveyor to visit you, just to do a double check on the measurements and ensure that any obstructions or variances are checked to make the installation as fuss free as possible.
Finally, a team of two Churchill’s Sliding Wardrobes Fitters will arrive at a time and date to suit you to fit your new sliding wardrobes. All this will take place and be completed within 4 to 8 weeks of your order, often quicker.

Sliding Wardrobes is a trading style of Churchill’s Cabinets Ltd. Churchill’s Cabinets is a manufacturer of bespoke radiator cabinets and have fitted thousands of radiator cabinets in homes throughout the United Kingdom for many years. Not only are they attractive and able to transform the look of any room in your home, they are also energy efficient, with our unique Reflectflow heat convection system helping to save you money off your heating bills.